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Welcome to our new Copart blog! Copart is a global auto auction site that has auctions everyday Monday-Friday, which works with our business to business buyers and sellers, however even automobile enthusiasts might enjoy our incredible industry blog. We are celebrating over 30 years in the industry and are looking for new and exciting ways to communicate with vehicle lovers around the world.

My name is Carolyn; I will be working to bring you a variety of Copart Employee’s experiences and recommendations in order to provide you with a complete understanding of the automotive industry.

The information in this blog will be focused on automotive businesses and their needs. You will find posts relating to Copart and topics that will answer questions and make it easier for you to do your jobs! It is our goal to provide a better understanding of how to work with Copart along with any relevant information to the automotive users.

If you are looking to buy or sell a vehicle through an automobile auction, this blog is the place for you. All posts are developed with the interest of automotive industry workers in mind. You can also buy and sell with Copart by registering at Copart.com. You may also want to take a look at Copart’s various Memberships.

Feedback and questions are welcomed and we will do our best to respond quickly and accurately!

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