How to get the best value on parts when fixing up an older car

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107714827_webIf you’re in the business of fixing up older cars, you know that finding replacement parts isn’t quite the same as simply replacing something on say, a 2008 Camry. One of the lovable – and maddening – quirks about older vehicles is they just don’t make them quite like they used to. And that means older parts that are compatible with a specific model can be expensive, hard-to-find, or both.

Finding the right parts can be both costly and time-consuming, but now there are more options than calling your local parts dealer to see what’s in stock, or heading to the salvage yard to see what might be available. Online auctions have made it easier to get the parts you’re looking for, and get them in a reasonable amount of time.

Online auctions and parts location services can help reduce the time you spend looking for hard-to-find parts. has long been a popular online car auction site for professionals, including body shop mechanics, dismantlers, rebuilders and recyclers.

While many dealers buy vehicles from Copart with the intention of reselling them, others find that purchasing vehicles through online auto auctions is also a good way to build parts inventories. By getting a good price through an online auction, you can use the parts you need as replacements, and sell the others in part s auctions or to other dealers.

The cars you are restoring might be older, but today’s technology can be a great help to you in finding the right parts for less.


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