Why Would Someone Need an Auto Broker?

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200340139-001An auto broker is someone who brings a buyer (you) and seller (Copart) together to complete a sale. Reasons for using a broker can vary, and often depend on the buying situation.

Here are a few reasons someone might decide to use an auto broker:

* A buyer may simply not be interested in searching for a new car or negotiating a purchase price, so a broker will do the work for a fee. Good brokers have multiple resources for finding vehicles and are experienced negotiators, which should result in an attractive price for the buyer.

* Auto dealers can use brokers as a resource for finding vehicles and boosting inventory. Dealers may find that brokers can search for vehicles more efficiently than they could themselves, making the fee paid to the broker a good investment.

* One situation where a broker becomes necessary involves the sale of salvaged vehicles at auctions. In most states, only a licensed broker is legally allowed to buy scrapped or salvaged vehicles or parts at an auction.

If you aren’t a broker, but are interested in buying a salvaged vehicle through an auction, you can hire a broker to make the purchase for you. Copart maintains a list of registered brokers for those who are interested in partnering with a broker to purchase a vehicle.

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