Getting what you want out of a Copart Auto Auction

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Auto auctions are becoming an increasingly popular way to purchase used and salvage vehicles. There are thousands of vehicles with a variety of title types up for auction each week.

On, there are over 75,000 automobiles available to bid on each day, which can make searching for and bidding on vehicles somewhat intimidating.  There are a few tricks to the trade that will help to you to find and bid on the vehicle of your dreams through Copart.

  1. Use the search by type form to find the vehicles you are interested in
  2. Add items to your Watchlist so you can find them easily.
  3. Note the auction dates and times for any vehicle you would like to bid on.
  4. Read the vehicle description to decide if the vehicle is right for you.
  5. Carefully, inspect the online images.
  6. If you can, inspect the car yourself or have someone inspect it for you.
  7. Set a maximum price you are willing to bid on each item you want.
  8. Check to make sure you have uploaded the proper licenses for the vehicle you want to bid on.
  9. Make sure you have made the necessary deposits to bid on your vehicles.
  10. Attend an auction on your computer or mobile device and bid on vehicles!

Taking these few simple steps can make finding and bidding on vehicles quick and easy! If you still have questions about Copart auctions visit to learn more!  The vehicles you have been waiting for could be just a click away.

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