One way to boost sales: Change your inventory

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If you’re a car dealer, you probably already know how important your inventory selection is to a sale. Blitzing the local media with ads or offering rock-bottom prices might get people in the door but changing inventory to meet your customers’ needs is essential to a successful sale.

While new car dealers are able to purchase vehicles directly from automakers, keeping a varied inventory can sometimes be a little more challenging for used car sellers. Here are a few ways to easily shuffle your inventory so you can meet your customers’ demands:

  • Develop relationships with other dealers and lay out the processes for making mutually beneficial transactions.
  •  In addition to bolstering your inventory with trade-ins, seek out desired vehicles in online listings.
  • Auctions are another great venue where you can choose from a wide range of vehicles.
  •  Online auctions can give you access to even more vehicles, as auction sites like Copart offer thousands of vehicles at any given time.  There are repossessed vehicles, rental vehicles, fleet trade-ins and other vehicles that run and drive listed on online auction sites. This is also a convenient venue for dealers to sell excess inventory.

Sometimes selling cars is as much about matchmaking as it is about offering the right price. Adjusting your inventory accordingly can help you achieve your sales goals.

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