Night Cap Bidding

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Once the day is over and bidding has stopped there is still a chance to win at a Copart auction!

Copart holds Night Cap sales after regular bidding Monday through Thursday. Currently, there are four regional Night Cap Sales held each week. You can find these auctions at the top of the regular Sales List, they are indicated by “*NCS.” These evening sales feature vehicles that weren’t sold in the day’s earlier auctions or the second chance pre-bidding period.

There are many benefits to attending a Copart night auction!

Second chance to win. Night Cap Sales provide buyers with a second chance to bid on and buy Copart vehicles.

Flexibility. Night auctions can be a huge convenience for those of you who are busy during the day and don’t have the time to attend auctions. This extra flexibility may be just what you need to win the vehicles you’re looking for.

More opportunities to bid. With evening sales available, you won’t have to wait for the next scheduled sale date at a facility. Instead, you can bid on vehicles that weren’t sold just hours after the regular auction time.

Less competition. Most Copart members attend daytime auctions and not night auctions which mean there is less competition during Night Cap Sales and more chances for you to score a great deal!

Don’t Miss out! Check out a Night Cap Auction this evening and let the fun of bidding at a Copart auction continue until dark.

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