Dealers: Keeping inventory at a profitable level

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Inventory is a magical word for auto dealers. Too much inventory creates a drain on the business finances. Too little inventory results in frustrated customers who can’t find what they want to buy. When it comes to used vehicle inventory on the lot, auto dealers can often experience high fluctuation, resulting in the need to sell or purchase more used vehicles quickly.

This is where Copart comes in handy.

Selling Inventory: Dealers who have a high number of used vehicles on the lot can sell those vehicles through the online auto auction quickly, making space on the lot for different vehicles and freeing up some of the business cash for other expenditures.

Buying Inventory:Dealers who have had strong used car sales, and are in need of additional inventory, can find used cars to buy via There is a comprehensive selection available to search including, SUVs, trucks, Eco-friendly automobiles and more! Just place a bid on the vehicles you need to flesh out your in-house inventory

Register to be a Copart Member and you just may be able to improve your inventory in no time!

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