VB2 Seller Benefits

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Copart’s patented technology, VB2, allows sellers to move their cars efficiently through the auction process. With VB2, sellers are able to keep up with all of the vehicles they have going up for auction and can watch the live bidding take place right from their computer – at home, in the office or on the go.

During live auctions with Copart’s On the Block product, sellers have the ability to reveal the minimum bid or remove the minimum bid approval. Revealing or removing the minimum bid can help a vehicle sell faster for the right price.   When the auction is over, if the minimum bid hasn’t been reached sellers can negotiate with buyers using real time counter bidding.

While the seller negotiates, VB2 will store important data such as:

  • Number of times the vehicle has run
  • Number of bids the vehicle has received
  • Number of countries that have bid on the vehicle
  • Previous high bid
  • Previous sale date

Sellers can also replay the previous auction to see how bidding ran. All of these tools along with our global buyer base help to sell vehicles quickly and at maximum value.  To check out a VB2 auction visit Copart.com.

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