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Looking for a way to give back but aren’t quite sure how?  Thousands of Americans are letting older vehicles rest unused, taking up valuable space and funds.  People are walking, taking public transit and carpooling to cut down on household costs. Thus the need for numerous family vehicles is decreasing—especially the need for unused vehicles resting in garages and driveways! Make the most out of your vehicle by donating it to My Car My Cause—your community will thank you!

My Car My Cause allows you to choose your charity.  By utilizing Copart’s leading global auto auction platform, My Car My Cause will assuredly create the best value for your donated vehicle.  Funds raised through the vehicle auction will then be appropriated towards the cause of your choice.

My Car My Cause wants to makes the donation process easy and convenient.  Follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick your Charity:  Choose from several partnering local and national charities or select a cause of your choice. If you have no preference, My Car My Cause will select a charity on your behalf.
  2. Tell us about your vehicle: Call us at 1-888-770-3662 or fill out our online vehicle form at  Then schedule a convenient time to arrange transportation.
  3. Let My Car My Cause take care of the rest:  Proceeds from the auto auction will be designated towards the charity selected. You will receive the tax-refundable paperwork to claim your donation.

All donations are appreciated.  Give back today, by donating the unused car in your driveway.  Visit for more details.

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