VB2 Member Benefits

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VB2, virtual bidding second generation, is Copart’s patented auction technology.  With VB2, members can bid virtually from anywhere in the world.

Members can place prebids prior to a live auction. If they are the highest prebidder, VB2 will bid for them up to the specified amount during the live auction. This allows member with the highest prebid to participate even if they do not attend the virtual live auction.

If your prebid wasn’t the highest there is no need to worry. You can still bid on your item during live bidding through our virtual auction.  Bids can be placed during the sale on your computer or mobile device it’s fast and easy!

At the end of an auction, VB2 allows members to negotiate with the seller if the minimum has not been met!  If the seller is watching the live auction, and decides to negotiate after bidding is over; a window on the bottom of the page will open with the sellers counter bid.   Buyers can decide to accept the offer, counter offer, or stick with their current bid and see if the seller accepts it.

VB2 provides a fast and efficient way to bid on Copart Vehicles in real-time. Check out a VB2 auction today at Copart.com or by downloading our App on your mobile device!   or by downloading our App on your mobile device!

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