Tips for Shopping for your first Classic Vehicle

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Classic car-shopping is a little different from traditional car-shopping. Most classic car enthusiasts have a specific year, make and model in mind, and limited availability of classic cars makes for a tight market.

When shopping for your first classic car, keep these tips in mind:

* Know your budget and the going raImagete for the vehicle you want to purchase. Take time to research what cars have sold for recently, so you can better establish your budget expectations.

* Determine what condition you want the vehicle to be in. If you are a hobbyist mechanic, you might be fine with a classic that needs reconditioning. But if you want to be able to take the vehicle for a spin shortly after purchase, you’ll want something that’s in good shape. The condition of the classic car can also affect your budget.

* Use to find auction listings of classic cars of all years, makes and models. The site has filters allowing you to narrow your search to the specific vehicle you’re looking for. You might just get a good deal, especially if there isn’t a lot of bidding competition for the vehicle of your choice.

* Decide if you want all original equipment, or if you’re OK with purchasing a vehicle that may have been updated over time.

* Ask your insurance agent about setting up a policy for your classic car purchase based on how you’ll be using the vehicle in your daily life.


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