Tips for Dealing with Traffic

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Traffic is, unfortunately, a part of many of our lives. There are those of us who accept it as a daily challenge. Then there are those of us who (even though we deal with it daily) get frustrated every time we are caught in bumper to bumper traffic.

Here are a few tips to try and help you keep calm during your rush hour commute:

  • Listen to music, talk radio, or a book on low in the background. Having some soft background noise can help keep your mind off the traffic, lower your frustration and keep you entertained throughout the journey home.
  • Avoid the desire to move through the lanes.  Some of us think if we swerve from lane to lane will be able to get from point A to B faster.  This is generally not true.  Moving across lanes only to continually have to stop can be more frustrating than just sticking to one lane.
  • Leave extra time.  If you are commuting after work, don’t make plans until 30 minutes after you “expect” to be home.  This allows you leeway and will hopefully eliminate anxiety that comes with being late.
  • Avoid major highways and known congested areas and try taking the back roads.  This may not save a ton of time but at least you will be moving instead of waiting at a standstill.  Besides, the scenery on the back roads is usually more pleasant than the view from the highways.
  • Download a traffic app like WAZE and receive notifications before you head out on when your route home may have heavier traffic than usual.  This allows you the opportunity to choose a different route before you get stuck on a highway with the next exit miles ahead.

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