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Do you have a favorite car?  I know I do!  Whether it is old or new, several drivers have one car they love or feel nostalgic about.

For as long as I can remember, Volkswagens were my favorite type of vehicle.  I am especially fond of the small sporty Volkswagens.   My first car was a 1998 forest green VW Jetta, I was in heaven the first day I drove it home.  The boxy frame and sports car feel made it the perfect vehicle for me to zoom around town in.

Gizmo, which is what I named my car, was stylish and reliable.  Living in the North at the time, rain, sleet and snow were common occurrences; I needed a car that wouldn’t fail me during the harsh winters.   While most cars would slip and slide down the streets from November to February, my car would drive around unfazed by the icy pavement.

Not only did Gizmo look great and drive well, it was also incredibly safe.   A car accident tore off the entire front end of my Jetta, but my passenger and I were completely unharmed.  Sadly, that was the last day I was able to drive Gizmo.

If it weren’t for that accident, I am quite certain I would still be driving that same car today.  Since then, I have had a few other vehicles but none have lived up my very first car.  If a car manufacturer ever designs a vehicle with a boxy frame comparable to those from the 90’s, I may just have to look into buying it.

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