Maintenance tips to keep your classic Mustang in tip-top shape

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Maitnenace tips to keep your classic mustang

Have you just purchased a classic Mustang, or have one that’s been parked in the back of the garage for many years, and you’re now interested in restoring her glory? Maybe you have a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 that you remember your dad driving when you were a kid and want to relive the experience of your childhood. Or a 1977 Ford Mustang Coupe that you drove in high school to the malt shop and summer dances and never sold it off or traded it in.

Maintaining your classic Mustang is a requirement to keeping the car running and in tip-top shape so you can drive it and show it off in classic car shows. This car was designed to last many years with good maintenance, which means taking care of all the fluids from bumper to bumper.

* Check the oil, transmission, brake system, rear axle, coolant and power steering fluids on a regular basis. If you drive the car frequently, you can use your mileage usage to time the monitoring of these fluids. Oil, power steering, rear axle, brake and transmission fluids should be checked every 6,000 miles, and the coolant should be flushed every 24,000 miles.Here are some tips about maintaining the fluids in your classic Mustang.

* Classic Mustangs have a master cylinder containing the brake fluid. Some drivers  add a second cylinder to their older Mustangs, giving them additional brake fluid in case the master cylinder were to leak. However, this security measure does take away from the original authentic nature of the classic.

* If you don’t drive the vehicle enough to quickly rack up the miles, plan a check of the fluids every six months, or a flush every two years for the coolant.

* Top off levels when they are low, and be sure to purchase the correct brand or type of fluid for the model of Mustang you own. If you have the owner’s manual, be sure to follow the guidelines in there. If you don’t have the manual, there are ways to purchase copies of the originals online. Try or as good sources for classic Mustang manuals.

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