How to Flip a Broken Down Motorcycle

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113073_771659There have been TV shows dedicated to flipping houses and automobiles, and if you have the mechanical skills and are a bit of a risk taker, you might be interested in starting up a hobby, or even a side career, flipping motorcycles. Before starting on this journey, keep some things in mind:

  • You want to do good work. When shopping around for a motorcycle to flip, keep in mind your mechanical abilities. For example, bikes that have been dropped on their side might just need some part replacements and new paint. And motorcycles that sat around unused for several years may just need a good tune-up. But broken down motorcycles that need new engines or suspensions might not be a worthwhile investment for flipping.
  • You’ll need parts. People who flip vehicles and houses don’t want to hold on to the investment any longer than needed. Before purchasing a broken down motorcycle, first consider what parts you may need and their cost. If the parts are available to you quickly, you’ve got a head start in flipping the motorcycle.
  • Where do you find the perfect motorcycle? If you’re connected to other motorcycle riders, you may happen upon a flippable machine via word of mouth. However, that process can take a long time. If you’re interested in starting now so you’ll have the bike ready for sale when the weather warms, check out, an online auction that sells vehicles of all shapes, sizes, makes and models. Do a quick search to find motorcycles and browse the options to find the perfect bike for flipping.

Many people involved in flipping motorcycles do it more as a hobby because they enjoy bringing the machines back to life for another enjoyable ride down the road. But it is a hobby that can be profitable if you start off with the right bike and know what you’re doing when fixing it up.

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