Need to Update Farm Trucks? Where to go to find parts.

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Winter is the time for grain farmers113072_744749 across America to take stock of their equipment and do maintenance on farm trucks to make certain they’re 100 percent working as soon as the ground thaws and it’s time to plant crops.

After the toil of last year’s harvest, some of those farm trucks may need a bit of repair and update. And one way to save money on those repairs is to do the work yourself. But where do you find parts?

Depending on how old your farm equipment is, you may be able to call up the manufacturer or an automotive parts store for certain items. But if you have an older tractor, truck or other machinery, your best bet is to browse the junk yards or buy a whole vehicle and use its parts at online auction sites like Copart . This process also works if you’re trying to save a bit of money.

Using online automotive auction sites can make the search process for replacement parts and vehicles much easier and you can get a great deal.  Just type in the year and manufacturer name of the machinery you want to fix or replace and you’ll be able to quickly narrow down your search to the replacement parts and vehicles you need. You can also sign up to be notified when new vehicles you are interested in are listed on the site, giving you the opportunity to place your bid early.

One benefit of bidding on a vehicle for auction is you’ll have an extra supply of parts available, allowing you to update multiple items now, and hopefully have parts to make fixes a couple of years down the road. Having these parts accessible and handy can help you save both time and costs, especially if you need to perform an emergency repair job once you’ve started the growing season.

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