What do you do with an old Ambulance?

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When an ambulance goes out of service in the medical industry, it often is stripped of its lights and sirens and put up for auction. It might seem strange to think about purchasing an ambulance for use as a traditional vehicle. But some creative people have turned them into fun vehicles. Check these ideas out:

113076_532452* Turn it into a tailgate party – Because an ambulance can store a lot of food and equipment, it is the perfect tailgate vehicle – especially for those diehard fans. Give the vehicle a paint job reflecting your team’s colors, and you’ve got the vehicle everyone will remember. Once the game is over, just load everything back up into the ambulance and drive away.

* Make a playground out of the body – Once the wheels are off, all the doors are removed and the parts are properly disposed of; an ambulance shell provides creative people with the perfect base for a playground. Just add a slide, some stairs and a railing on the roof.

* Create a camper for two – It probably won’t be the most luxurious vehicle on the road, but driving an ambulance is easier than negotiating hairpin turns in national parks in a full-sized camper. Strip the interior and install two camping cots with plenty of room leftover for storage and belongings. Just close the doors, turn on the engine and take off for your next camping destination.

As a precaution, if you are purchasing an ambulance from auction, it’s a good idea to change the look of the vehicle so that it won’t be easily mistaken for a working ambulance. By removing the identifying language, the lights and sirens, and even changing the paint color, you’ll have less chance of being requested for medical help in an emergency situation.

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