Take the time to winterize your bowrider for more fun next summer

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113067_431259Your family had tons of fun zipping around the area lakes in your bowrider this summer, but now as the temperatures drop, it’s time to get the boat ready for winter storage. Many families opt to take their boat into a dealer; however, winterizing a bowrider is certainly a job any boat owner can accomplish themselves. Always check with your owner’s manual for specific directions in the process.

* The boat engine is the first step. Fill the fuel tank about three-fourths full of gasoline and add a fuel stabilizing liquid to the tank. Run the engine for about 15 minutes to make certain the stabilizer has fully mixed with the gasoline and worked its way through the fuel lines, filters and carburetors. This helps to prevent any corrosion on the engine.

* Next, flush the engine with fresh water. Clear the water out as carefully as possible before running an antifreeze product through the manifold. You can also fog the engine to help clear any moisture from it. The fog also helps coat the engine with a protective film. Removing all moisture from the engine is important to prevent any buildup of rust. Keep the engine running during all of these processes.

* Change the oil in your bowrider, including the replacing the oil filter. This will help your bowrider start easier come spring.

* Charge the batteries and either remove them and store them in a heated location, or check them once a month – topping off the charge as needed. Clean the battery ports as well, to ensure a good connection come spring.

* Make certain all water holds are completely drained and dried out to prevent freezing water from damaging your boat. You might want to wash and scrub these areas out with soap and a brush to help prevent any buildup of odor while the boat is in storage.

* Grease any mobile joints or connections, including on the boat trailer.

By properly winterizing your bowrider, it can safely remain in storage all winter long, even if the storage is not heated. For outdoor storage, cover the boat with a secure cover to prevent additional moisture from harming the body of the boat. And before moving the trailer in the spring, be sure to check the pressure in the tires.

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