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Copart is hosting its second annual Copart Challenge. Contestants will need to submit a photo that depicts the before and after of customizing, rebuilding or fixing a vehicle.

Only one photo file will be accepted for entry. This photo may contain a collage of before and after pictures of a project.

Creating a photo collage can be as simple as using a free application on a smart phone.  Don’t own a smart phone or want to get more creative? No problem!  There are many websites that allow you to make photo collages for free.

So if you’re not a Photoshop expert, check out these free and easy to use tools that will help you create an entry!

Mobile and web 

Fotor offers many free collage templates. If you want to get fancy, you can also build your own design or combine existing designs. Some photo apps are not very flexible on the amount of photos you can use, but this app allows you to enter as many as you like. Available for web, iPhone, Android and Windows 8.

Photo Collage

If you’re using a computer to create your entry, PhotoCollage offers an easy “drag and drop” no-upload-necessary option to create a collage. The web app is easy to use and offers video tutorials if you happen to get stuck. Available for web.


Are you familiar with Instagram? The creators of Instagram have released a collage maker called Layout. This easy to use app has simple features to create a photo collage. Once downloaded, you can choose photos from your phone library and rearrange your collage by dragging and dropping. You can also resize your photos by “pinching” on your touch screen! Available for iPhone and Android.

Web and mobile 
BeFunky is available on smart phones and on the web. There are many different templates to choose from and you can add text to your photo. For example you can write “Before” and “After” and place the text above the photo it belongs to. BeFunky also offers a tour for those that are new to photo collage making! Available for Web, iPhone and Android.

Web and mobile

piZap is another app that is available on smart phones and the web. The app offers over 2,000 different layouts for your collage, so you will have plenty of options! Don’t get overwhelmed; the app is organized by themed collages, so you can choose from regular rectangles or get creative with different shapes. Available for web, iPhone and Android.


If you’re looking for the simplest and quickest app, Pic Stitch is your go-to guy. This mobile app offers several templates and less clutter than other photo apps. Once you choose a template, you can add or change a photo by double tapping on the collage and resize by pinching the photo! Available for iPhone, Android and Windows 8.


PhotoGrid is another keep-it-simple app. Their photo grid maker is free and has no limits on templates! If you want to add a filter or text, you can also do this within the app. Available for iPhone, and Android.

These are just some options of how you can create a photo collage. Other options can be found by searching photo collage on the web or in app stores!

For examples of collages click here.
To learn more about the contest click here.


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