How Do I Get My Copart Purchase?

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With over 160 locations in the U.S. and many international locations, receiving your purchased vehicle may cause some questions. Although bidding in auto auctions is made accessible to buyers across the globe you may ask yourself- how exactly will I receive my purchase?

There are various ways to receive your Copart purchase. Whether you are near or far we can help you through the process.

Picking Up Your Vehicle

If you live near the location of the purchase, you can personally pick up your vehicle.

After you have paid for your vehicle in full, you must pick up your vehicle within five business days of winning a bid online or three business days after winning a kiosk bid. Sale date is included.

Copart will load your vehicle onto your transporter. The loading process is first come first serve. However, all heavy and medium-duty vehicles are self-load only.

If you need more time to pick up your vehicle, you can keep it stored at the Copart location for an additional daily fee.

Shipping Within the U.S.  

Copart offers shipping throughout the U.S. from any location. When browsing our vehicles, you can estimate the cost of shipping under the vehicle image. If you scroll down you will find the section labeled “Location & Delivery.”


In this section, you can enter your ZIP code to calculate your shipping estimate.


If you bid and win the vehicle, you will be prompted to enter the address you want your purchase  delivered to.

Shipping to Mexico

At the moment, direct shipping to Mexico is not provided by Copart due to export border laws.

Buyers located in Mexico are able to ship their vehicle through Copart as far as El Paso. The buyer is then responsible for shipping the vehicle into Mexico and to their desired location.

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