10 Unique Car Accessories Under $25

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Customizing your car can be a pricey task. It can also be time consuming. Sometimes, accessories that are easy to use and cheap can be a little gimmicky or tacky. If you’re looking to spice things up for your ride, or if you’re looking for useful accessories that don’t break the bank, try these 10 accessories under $25.

1. These cool sun shades are not permanent enough to regret but fun enough to enjoy. Made in different moods for all types of car enthusiasts.1-aYour car can now express itself
$13.47 on Amazon

2. If you’re a dog/cat owner, you know the struggle of shedding. This American Kennel Club seat cover can save you the mess.
Happy dog, happy car.
$17.72 on Amazon

3. You might already have a charger for your phone in your car, but do you have a phone charger/cup/phone holder contraption? I don’t think so.
You need this.
$19.99 on Amazon

4. Holding your phone for directions is a huge hazard, and some people don’t want a clunky GPS style phone holder in their car. This small accessory can keep you safe while following directions!
Only $2.00?
$2.00 on Amazon

5. We love our pets, but they can also be a hazard to us when driving. Keep a friendly barrier between yourself and your furry friend, especially on those longer car trips.

Stay away, beast.
$9.50 on Amazon

6. If you drink coffee on your way to work-or on your way to everywhere- use this hot rod mug to keep your beverage warm!


Not exactly for your car, but, if you love coffee you should have this.
$20.89 on Amazon

7. Tired of your seat belt buckle holders disappearing into the never-ending dark pit between your seats? Use these Buckle Mates!
You will never be uncomfortably poked by these again
$13.95 on Amazon

8. Show a hip youngster in your life that you care. Seat belts keep you safe, now they can keep you stylish too.

This is what you get when you Google search Hipster Car Accessories.
$8.00 on Etsy

9. As ridiculous as this concept seems…we’ve all gotten burgers on a speedy drive when we’re not able to stop for a sit-down meal. This gadget may come in handy for your fries.

You can use it for other things too…like tater tots!
$2.99 on eBay

10. Of course, if you want to go for the simplest form of accessorizing, try a funny decal.
$5.00 on Etsy

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