5 Bright Safety Tips

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With spring time just around the corner, our yards just got a lot brighter and safer. You won’t see any tulips blooming between our inventories, but you will see members of the Copart family sporting their new Safety Polos.

To provide increased comfort for the yard employees, the shirts are lightweight and dry-wicking, which is perfect for being outdoors. The polos also display the five core Copart Values, which are,

  • Act with integrity
  • Be an owner
  • Challenge the norm
  • Get results
  • Celebrate our people

But looks and comfort aren’t the only thing the Safety Polos bring to the yards- they also contribute to Copart’s already high standard of safety. If you’re planning to visit our yard soon, be on the look-out for the bright addition, and remember that safety is our top priority, so please keep these other tips in mind:

1. Dress Appropriately: When visiting, please wear safety vests and closed toe shoes. They are required at all times, to ensure your safety.

2. Pay Attention: Be aware of your surroundings. There are several moving pieces in the yard at any given time.

3. Safety Gear: Wear a hat or visor to protect you from dangerous sunrays while you’re outside.

4. Stay Safe: As a safety precaution, please do not attempt to start a vehicle without a Copart employee. Vehicles cannot be test driven.

5. Be Aware: Pay attention to warning signs in the yards. They are there for your safety.

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