Winter is “Snow” Much Fun: Car Tips for the Winter Months

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There’s never a dull moment at Copart! At the beginning of the year, in Brookhaven, New York, Yard 30 experienced quite an adventure in the chilly Northeast. The Copart team endured 22 inches of snow, and two employees stopped on their way home from work to help a stranded driver who went off the road. Luckily, our awesome Copart team, and the stranded driver, survived the blizzard with ease. Good job team!

Here are five quick tips to keep you and your car prepared during IMG_2497the winter.

  • Snow Chains: Snow chains, also known as tire chains or cables, can be a life saver when enduring extreme weather conditions, such as blizzards.
  • Foggy Windshields: The cold weather has a tendency to cause foggy windshields. Use a clean chalk eraser to clear fog without leaving fingerprints and smudge marks.
  • Spray Bottle: A simple spray bottle can help you clean your windshield off in half the time. All you need is a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol and water. Mix the alcohol in a 2:1 ratio with water, then spray the mixture on your windshield and watch the ice melt away.
  • Cat Litter: If you’re ever stuck on ice, you’re going to wish you kept cat litter in your trunk. You can pour the cat litter under your tires to help provide traction. This technique is great, especially if your car is rear-wheel drive.
  • Emergency Kit: This is very important; everyone needs an emergency kit. Keep these items in your car for your safety: bottled water, flash light, extra batteries, a jacket, hand warmers, a blanket and matches.

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