Training for Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters at Copart Yards

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Law enforcement and fire agencies across the country find great success in partnering with Copart. The locations are the perfect setting to train both their employees and their K-9s in tactical operations.  Yard 78 in Martinez, California, Yard 148 in Homestead, Florida, and Yard 106 in Helena, Montana recently hosted law enforcement as a part of Copart’s continued commitment to support local communities.

Yard 148 regularly invites U.S. Marshals as well as agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to train their K-9s in finding explosives in and around different vehicles.  In the picture below of Yard 148, from left to right, is AGM Kevin Arroyave, CSR Junett Sanchez, CSR Daisy Sanchez, Loader Operator Wilfredo Perez (kneeling down), GM Michael Santos, Dispatcher Joshua Vasquez, and K-9s Almond and Esis.

Yard 148 ATF_US Marshal Training Session_030816

Helena Police Department described Copart as the “ideal training facility for dogs”.  The Department used Yard 106 to train their K-9s to search vehicles and RVs for drugs and explosives.  In addition K-9 units from across Montana have been invited to hold their annual competition at the Helena, Montana location.

Below are Officers Jon Kalczyk and Josh Ray in Yard 106.

Yard 106

Yard 78 in Martinez, California hosted both the Contra Costa Fire Department as well as the California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA) for training and practice. “We love our community,” urges Copart GM Kelly Steele. “Getting involved engages our employees and most importantly helps establish positive and supportive relationships within our city.”  Contra Costa Fire Department used the yard over the weekend to reenact an accident and practice using the Jaws of Life to rescue a Rescue Mannequin.  CARDA brought their search and rescue dogs to train in the yard.

CCFD and CARDA.jpg

Copart’s Director of Security David Scaff explains, “Copart’s yards offer a unique landscape of varying car types and terrains that prove important in practicing operations. We are proud to offer our locations to both local, state and federal law enforcement as a safe and secure environment so that they can be properly trained and ready for anything they may encounter in the future.”

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