“Embrace Adventure and Learn from Second Chances.”

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Excerpts from Founder Willis Johnson’s book Junk to Gold that highlight Copart’s Mission, Vision and Values.

As a child Johnson developed a sense of adventure after moving to Northern California. He often explored and ventured out with his friends on the weekends and during the summer. Johnson writes that after a scare from being a little too adventurous on Lake Folsom with inner tubes, Johnson, not knowing how to swim, could have drowned.


After being rescued, he was determined to learn how to swim. Through this lesson, Johnson urges that we should, “embrace adventure and learn from second chances.” He explains, “If you’re given a second chance, you should learn from it.”


Like anything we do, whether we mess up or fall, never give up. Don’t be afraid to explore, venture out and keep moving forward.  You never know what lessons you can learn from stepping out of your comfort zone and into an adventure.

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