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Copart’s Vision is to provide an unmatched experience… every day and everywhere… driven by our people, process and technology. This past week, Copart at Dallas welcomed Service Star Winners who were chosen because of their consistent dedication to go above and beyond their commitment to service, to their Copart family and to Copart’s Mission, Vision and Values. Winners were flown to our world headquarters in Dallas, where they were treated to a first class weekend that included sightseeing around Dallas, a tour of Copart HQ, a dinner with the Senior Leadership team and even a dinner and awards presentation!

We believe that our people are at the core of the Copart experience, and each quarter, we shine a light on employees, who go above and beyond all expectations, by awarding them with the Service Star Award. Our Annual Winners represent the best of the best in the Copart family!

Each winner is handpicked by their fellow employees to be recognized for their great attitude, discipline and willingness to provide high-quality “5-Star” customer service. Service Star winners receive a letter of commendation, a Service Star pin, a gift card and preferred parking at their location. We’re excited to recognize the Service Star Award Winners for 2015:


Jessica Barnhart: “I met Jessica during Special Ops CAT duty in 2014.  Since then she has always been willing to help me with anything and everything she can.  She always goes above and beyond for everyone.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find the answer for me!  She’s a great team player and someone to look up to!!” – Kali O’Neal, Coworker

Picture2Jesse Burrell: “Jesse is on the Special Ops CAT team every year and at a drop of a dime when he is called in to report, Jesse does exactly that without hesitation. Jesse has reported to CAT duty more than expected. I am proud of him and his work ethic. Great job, Jesse!” – Jeri Priolo, General Manager

Picture3LaShae Carver: “The GM at Yard 139 was supporting Yardd 78 for a 6 week period. During that time the Office Manager had a planned vacation scheduled. That week, LaShae stepped up and assumed the Office Manager duties, and assisted yard personnel in all facets of the operation. Her selfless attitude and team player mentality make her a major asset.” –Gerry Faries, General Manager

Picture4Jamie Conners: “When I have a question relating to title processing and Florida laws, I can always call Jamie. She not only advises what has to be done to process the title, but she also takes the time to explain why and how to get it accomplished. Jamie goes above and beyond to make sure that you understand the process. Jamie is definitely an asset to Copart!”-Marvin Strong, General Manager

Picture5Anabel De la Mella: “Anabel has been very kind and helpful in the title department.  She is always looking for new ways to assist me and she makes sure we don’t get backed up.  When we are short on employees, she goes above and beyond.  She is a great coworker to have around!” –Heyling Valdez, CSR


Picture6Toni Heble: “Toni came to Yard 205 as part of the Integration team. Toni understood many work-arounds that needed to be implemented. She was always positive and kept morale high. She learned new processes, taught them to a staff of mostly French speakers, and took extra time to make sure they fully understood. She has great leadership skills!” – Kevin Kotnik, Regional Manager

Kent Keeler: “Kent is one of the most dedicated employees I have met during my time with Copart. He has kept the yard running well without service interruptions despite not having a GM for the last few months. He frequently receives compliments from members and adjusters. He is always willing to go above and beyond for all employees in this facility to ensure their needs are met.” –Bryan Allison

Picture7Dee Kesselring: “Dee’s calm and patient manner was a great help to me when my frustration was at an all-time high. She is always willing to help whenever needed. She is an asset to her company, she is an exceptional employee, and is always professional and willing to help when needed!”-Vicky Relador, Buyer

Picture8April Landel: “A customer had a vehicle that caught fire on the side of the interstate. The police/fire department did not tow or impound the vehicle so it ended up staying on the side of the interstate. As soon as I contacted April, she was able to get the vehicle picked up before rush hour hit. My experience with our customer will now go much more smoothly because of her. Great work!”- Unknown, Seller

Picture9Debra Letendre: “State Farm rejected images of salvage docs as unreadable. Deb agreed to take a photo of them with her phone and email them to me! These documents will then be forwarded to the claim, which will then speed up compliance review and move along the sale of salvage. She has a remarkable level of expertise and customer service!”-Marilyn Flinn, Seller

Picture10Vernon Ma: “Vernon is always available to ALL of us at the Allstate/Pembridge Claims Centre.  We never have to wait for any answers or advice that we need! Vernon gives his best on a daily basis. He is always happy, cheery, intelligent and professional. To Vernon: Here’s to the BEST of the Best!!! You are my Superstar!!” – Karen Banks, Seller

Picture11Michelle McClellan: “Shelly is a reliable, helpful and excellent employee!  She is always on time with an answer to every issue that comes up.  Her support is priceless!  I am very glad to do business together with her.  Great job Shelly!”-Ana Isabel Ceballos, SellerAngela McDonald.png

Angela McDonald: “Angela always tries to help and be courteous. She never fails to go above and beyond to meet our walk in customers/buyers needs.” –Eugene Popov, Buyer

Sarah Nguyen.pngSarah Nguyen: “Sarah provides a high level of support to the legal team. I am always impressed with her ability to close out complex projects. I had a litigation that required 1000’s of records relating to CDS vehicles. Sarah completed the task before I was able to give her the instruction to do so!  A project this large would have ordinarily taken a small team a couple of weeks to finish. Sarah delivered in just a few days!”-Aaron Bath, Coworker

Picture14Robert Ramirez: “Robert consistently has the utmost patience and understanding when dealing with customer requests. He is trained as a receiver and is loader-certified, which allows him to be very nimble. He is always moving from project to project to ensure our facility runs smoothly and always goes the extra mile to take care of customers!”- Brian Cagnina, AGM

Picture15Tina Riccardi: “Tina cleared pick up with a shop for the next day while we had the donor on the line concerned that the shop wanted the vehicle out the same day.  The excellent part about it was that Tina not only did this on the spot, but the donor was reassured and consoled.”- Fay @ Kars4Kids, Buyer

Picture16Gretchen Scott: “Gretchen attended a meeting with Allstate to answer their questions. Weeks later, Joel, from the meeting, contacted Gretchen asking to meet again. He had questions and was also coming through Madison on short notice. Originally, Gretchen had a scheduled vacation day, but she drove 40 min to the yard to meet him! Afterwards, she left again to finish her vacation day. This is going above and beyond!” – Julie Gehrke, General Manager

Picture17Heather Sinyard: “I am both Heather’s co-worker and on the Special Ops Team. When I am away, Heather goes above and beyond to make sure that not only all of our work gets done but that no seller’s titles get “left behind.” Heather is amazingly focused and would rather eat ground glass than leave anything incomplete.  She is truly a Service Star!” –Kathy Somerville, Seller

Picture18Dawn Wellman: “Dawn is a valuable resource for us at all times. We can trust that the information she is providing is correct. She is always willing to go out of her way and help out to make sure that we get the correct information and documentation that we need.” – Drew Ardner, Seller

Picture19Morgan Wessman: “Morgan continues to demonstrate the passion, integrity and drive that makes Copart ‘who we are.’ Members frequently call in knowing they will reach Morgan and that she will get their issues attended to regardless of what yard the vehicle was purchased at. She has been instrumental in the successful growth and adaptation of the yard.”– Michael Sprifke, General Manager




  1. I am proud to be part of the Copart family. I am very thankful to all who helped me win this award. I had an amazing time in Dallas.

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