Happy Earth Day from Copart!

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Copart takes pride in all areas of its business.  We always seek to Act with integrity, Be an owner, Challenge the norm, Get results, and Celebrate our people. This includes our efforts to protect the environment and be sustainable in all parts of the business. Here are two of the many ways Copart takes pride in caring for the Earth:

At Copart yards:

We Challenge the norm and are an industry leader in preserving our natural environment.  We have very strict guidelines for disposal of fluids and other waste, and our company is committed to always Act with integrity and maintain exceptionally clean and organized facilities:

  • In just one year, Copart :
    • Recycled 32.52 tons of material
    • Reduced greenhouse gases by 103 metric tons
    • Saved nearly four thousand gallons of oil.
  • We don’t just rent land to house vehicles. Copart buys the properties we use and takes care of them to get the best results for the company and the best results to protect the environment.

At our Newest CrashedToys location in Dallas:

Since its inception, creation and design, CrashedToys of Dallas has always set out create a multi-use space that can be enjoyed by the entire community and that is sustainable and respectful of the environment.

  • In the 35,000 square foot of indoor and outdoor space, we have used 500 pounds of repurposed wood, 1.5 tons of repurposed steel, and 4 tons of repurposed concrete.
    • Instead of purchasing all new wood and steel for everything, CrashedToys has incorporated these recycled materials into the build and design in order to eliminate waste and be more sustainable.
    • The repurposed concrete that came from projects like old highway bridges has been used as a way to section off VIP parking for motorcycles and serve as a safe and sustainable stage area for the live entertainment featured at CrashedToys events.
  • The venue uses natural light throughout the entire indoor space as well as 6 huge fans to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

At Copart, we celebrate the abundance we have here on Earth and always make sure to take care of what we have.  How do you care for the environment and encourage sustainable business practices? Challenge the norm and Be an owner of sustainability and protection of the environment!

Take a look at the beauty of the surrounding environment in one of our videos of an aerial view of our yard in Grand Prairie, TX:


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