Top 12 Presents for a Car Fanatic Dad

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If your father is a car nut and you still have no idea what to get him, you are in luck today. To help you score the best gift, we have compiled a list of the top 12 gifts for your car fanatic dad.


Power Tools and Accessories

Is dad always working in the garage and on his cars? A tool set would be the perfect addition to his collection. A father can never have too many tools.


Exotic Car Rental

If your father is a true car junky, he would love an exotic car rental for a day or weekend. Most car rental places have a wide inventory from Audis to Teslas and even more luxury sports cars.

tool chest

Tool chest

A tool chest is a present you can never go wrong with. Dads always have tools scattered around the house and garage, so what better way to say “I love you” than to help him get organized?

 go pro


A GoPro is a great present for a dad who is pushing the limits in his car or motorcycle. Each GoPro comes with a waterproof case. You can buy a car mount so dad can capture all his need-for-speed moments.



If your father loves cars but works in an office, this Motormouse would be perfect. It is a 2.4g wireless mouse that’s a strikingly detailed replica of the classic sports car. Both PC and Mac compatible, they are available in up to five colors. It also comes in a couple of different models, so get the one that fits your father the best.


Coffee Mug

What dad doesn’t love coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? A coffee mug with a picture of his favorite car is the perfect way to say “I love you” with every use.



When your father is out riding in his vehicle, he needs the right eye protection. A pair of good sunglasses would guarantee to make his day brighter and clearer.

bluetooth key tag

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

A dad who is bad about losing his keys needs this bluetooth tracking tag. It is small and compact and takes away the excuse I could not find my keys. Until he inevitably loses his phone along with it.

gear key holder

Kinetic Gear Key Holder

A car fanatic father can never have too many things that look like gears and motors. This kinetic gear key holder is the perfect addition to the man cave or garage.



For the father whose keychain is heavier than an elephant, this is the perfect solution to your bulky key ring. It compacts all your keys neatly, and if you have quite a few keys, you can even buy expansions for it.

drop stop

Drop Stop

Drop Stop is a great gift for the father on the road who is constantly dropping food or change. It fits in any size gap between the seat and center console.


Motorcycle or Classic Car

One of THE best gifts for dad is a great deal on a motorcycle from CrashedToys or a used, clean title classic car from Copart. This bike is calling your father’s name! It goes to auction on June 18, 2016, and is available with or without business licenses!


We hope this list of car fanatic presents helps with your Father’s Day gift planning.

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