A Walk With Dad

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In honor of Father’s Day, here are excerpts from Junk to Gold about Willis Johnson’s father and some of the many memories he has of him. 

The time I spent as a kid with my dad was much more of an education for me than what went on between school bells.

When I was about twelve, I’d help out after school at the construction site my dad ran.  As I swept and cleaned up, I paid attention to how my dad ran a crew, measured, cut and hammered.  He always seemed to get it right.  I thought there was nothing my dad couldn’t do.

But as hard as he worked, Dad wasn’t just about business. Everything he did was for family.

My mom told me that on the night I was born in Clinton, Oklahoma, she and Dad had been dancing a jig in the living room as my older brother and three older sisters ran around the house.  The day I came home from the hospital, Dad had the ambulance play lullabies the whole way.

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