Top 8 Motorcycle Safety Tips

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June is National Safety Month, so with the goal of keeping our biker friends safe on the open road, we’ve compiled eight of the best tips to remember when riding your motorcycle:

Wear a Helmet

When your parents told you always to wear a helmet, they did it for a reason: SAFETY. Even though you may think, ‘I’m just going out for a stroll, so I don’t need it,’ put it on! Need a new helmet? Choose a full-face helmet for maximum protection.

Wear Gloves

This may seem not that important, but think about this: When you fall, what is the first thing you use to brace yourself? Your hands! It is human instinct. And when you are flying down the road, you are going to want gloves just in case a deer runs out in front of you or any other animal.

Suit Up with the Proper Attire

Leather is king, but be sure to also have proper eyewear and breathable fabrics covering your entire body. Boots are an essential shoe. In the off-chance you ever lay your bike over, the last thing you want is your feet in those sandals to be the only thing between you and the pavement.

Look Where You Want To Go

When you round a corner, it is imperative that you turn your head and look through the turn to where you want to go. It may seem like common sense, but far too many bikers fall prey to looking at something on the other side of the highway, only to realize they are going straight instead of turning at the last minute.

Drive Defensively

Other motorists may not see you coming, so always be prepared for their lack of awareness, and handle your bike accordingly. The best way to drive defensively is to act like nobody has mirrors. The average commuter is in his or her own little world, chatting away with friends, daydreaming about weekend plans, and even texting. They are doing everything but looking out for motorcyclists, so this means you need to be constantly on guard.

Don’t Ride in Poor Weather

Whether it is heavy rain or high winds, stay off the roads during inclement weather to avoid accidents. If you have to ride in the rain for whatever reason, make sure you are in the proper attire. Having your standard jacket on and trousers might not be enough. The clothing doesn’t need to be a diving suit, but it needs to keep the water away so you can maintain focus on the road.

Beware of More Traffic during Summer

Summer brings out more than just motorcyclists; there are more cars on the road now too. Not all of them are used to sharing the road with you. For your safety, assume no one is used to sharing the road with a motorcycle. Drive with plenty of distance between you and the next car, stay out of blind spots and try to make yourself as visible as possible.

Check Your Ride before You Ride

Do a spot check of your motorcycle before you head out on the road. Check the brakes, chain, and belt, as well as the tires for excessive wear and tear. Doing this before each ride can save you a serious headache if you don’t drive a very busy route. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because you didn’t check your bike.

We hope these eight tips help you with your motorcycle adventures. You are, after all, riding a motorcycle, and that is fun. ENJOY IT. For your next bike, check out the HUGE selection of motorcycles up for auction at!

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