Make the Best of What You’ve Got

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Willis Johnson learned many lessons throughout his life and while building his business. This is a lesson he shared in his book Junk to Gold.

As sales and inventory grew, I needed a bigger building to display all the parts and to continue to grow.  I turned to the paper for a solution.

I saw a metal building for sale in West Sacramento, that had previously served a Seventh Day Adventist Church.  They listed it for sale at $5,000 with the condition that the buyer would have to take it down and move it to his or her own property.

I thought it was a good deal, so Curtis, Joyce, the kids and I went to disassemble it.

The building did not turn out to be as good of a deal as I had hoped. I found out to pour a new cement slab the size we needed for a proper floor would run about $10,000. Good buy or not, we did it, and now we had a real store that we could add onto and grow.

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