Copart Responds to July’s Hailstorm in Colorado Springs

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Random hailstorms are nothing new for Colorado Springs, Colorado, but the magnitude of the hail that hit the city last month, on July 28th, took things to a whole other level. Tennis ball-size hail left 1,800 residents without power and obviously damaged everything from homes to trees to cars.

In response to the hailstorm, the Copart Catastrophe Response Fleet deployed three trucks to Colorado Springs. Rick Johnson of Copart Chicago South, Terry Gandy of Copart Tallahassee, and James Curtis of Copart Mobile (Alabama) drove across the country last week and began picking up vehicles damaged by the hail. The efforts of these three individuals are alongside a group of several Copart employees who are part of this special operations unit.

Here are a couple of photos showing the Copart Catastrophe Response Fleet in action:



Read more about the efforts of Copart’s catastrophe response team here.

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