Trouble Picking a Car Color? This May Help You Decide

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Picking a color for your car can be as difficult as picking a car itself. Yet, what you decide could make the difference in getting or missing a speeding ticket.

In a recent study by CJ Pony Parts, 924 speeding citations were collected from all over the U.S. Their findings found some surprising statistics about speeding tickets, including which colors get ticketed the most.

Here are the four car colors that get ticketed the most:

1. White Cars

You were thinking red was going to clinch the top spot, right? Actually, the highest-ticketed color goes to white, which most might mistakenly think would be the safest choice. White-colored cars actually get ticketed the most from quite a large margin, making up for 19 percent of total traffic citations and 25 percent of the local population. Yikes! Be sure to think twice before going with the white one.

2. Red Cars

While red doesn’t have the highest amount of speeding tickets, it’s still very much on police’s radar. Sixteen percent of total traffic violations involved a red vehicle, while 14 percent of the local red-driving population got ticketed. So while red isn’t the most ticketed, it’s still safe to stay away from the color.

3. Gray Cars

White’s out, so gray is the next best choice, right? Sorry, but gray isn’t a much better option either. Ten percent of total traffic violations were of gray vehicles, and while only six percent of the local population got ticketed, that’s still a high percentage to just ignore. Looks like you’ll need to go with the silver one.

4. Silver Cars

…oops. Spoke too soon. Yes, silver clocks in fourth, with five percent of the total traffic violations and 10 percent of the local population being ticketed in a silver vehicle. Looks like this is another case where gold really is better than silver. And bronze. And rust. And literally everything else.

Remember, if you’re speeding, there generally isn’t any protection from a ticket, even if you’re driving a different-colored vehicle. Even so, if you’re trying to decrease your chances of getting a ticket, you have a few color options. According to, the colors purple, orange, gold, and yellow get ticketed the least in Ohio, the state that gave out the most speeding tickets.

So if you must base your color decisions on speeding tickets, go with bright colors. Well, except for the red one.

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