Go Behind the Scenes at Copart’s Houston Location

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Copart’s Houston location doesn’t play around.

In the second part of our Virtual Video Tours series, we’re taking you behind the scenes of Yard 11 in Houston, TX. General Manager Jesse Perez and Assistant Manager Davis Cosmi take you from the front desk to the outside of the location. Perez shows you hundreds of cars on-site, all with different damage types and levels.

Cosmi gives a tip to first-time buyers at Copart:

“If there’s ever an issue with a vehicle, make sure that you bring up that issue to us while the vehicle is still physically here on-site,” Cosmi says. “Once it gets off property, there’s very little that we can do about it.”

Copart strives to provide buyers with the best auction experience, and the Houston location does its best to represent that, Cosmi says.

“If there’s a concern, we always like to know while the vehicles are still here — that way onsite management can take a look at it.”

Watch the Copart Houston video below:

Stay tuned for next month’s tour of our Philadelphia location!

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