4 Ways to Celebrate National Motorcycle Ride Day

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National Motorcycle Ride Day 2016 is here! Held the second Saturday in October each year, this day has been set aside for motorcycle enthusiasts to hit the open road, go for a ride and be proud to be part of an awesome community of riders nationwide.

In addition to going for a ride today, October 8th, here are five ways to celebrate National Motorcycle Ride Day:

1. Register for a free CrashedToys Membership.

Why not take advantage of “free” and join the community of CrashedToys Members who search, bid and buy used, repairable and road-ready clean and salvage motorcycles? We have hundreds of motorcycles available in biweekly auctions to the public. Who knows? You might find your next ride for a really great deal at CrashedToys!

2. Buy some new motorcycle swag.

Whether a new helmet or an accessory for your motorcycle, this is the day to splurge a little on yourself. If you’re local to Dallas, visit CrashedToys Dallas and check out The SwagShack for t-shirts, koozies, hats and more. Of course, Amazon is a great back-up option if you’re looking to add to your swag collection.

3. Detail your motorcycle.

Show your bike some love today and give it a good cleaning. Popular Mechanics provides a simple 5-step checklist here, but you’ll find other guides and videos online if you are a total newbie to detailing your motorcycle.

4. Get rid of an old bike to make room for a new one.

Do you have an older motorcycle sitting unused in the corner of your garage? It’s time to say “Hasta la vista” to it! Give it a second life to free up space and get cash for a new ride. Consign it through a CrashedToys auction. People from around the world attend CrashedToys live online powersports auctions, so you’ll get the advantage of selling it to the globe – meaning potentially higher returns for you! Learn more about consigning here, or call 214-920-9664.

Whatever you decide to do for National Motorcycle Ride Day, this day isn’t designed to be spent all cooped up in the house. So grab some friends or go for a solo ride, but get up, get out, and get on the road with that bike of yours!

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