Top 5 Texas Trucks for Sale at Copart

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There are three things Texans love more than anything else: their football, their Whataburger and their trucks.

Although Copart can’t help with two of those, we do have a large Texas truck inventory at our disposal. The best part? Many are in Texas, so if you’re a native Texan, you don’t have to go far to get them. (If you’re not native to Texas, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our domestic and international shipping options!)

Here are the top five Texas Trucks to keep an eye on:

1. 2013 Dodge Ram Truck

This 2013 Dodge Ram is a State Farm Insurance vehicle and will be sold at our Dallas, TX location. Having less than 77,000 miles on the odometer and valued at $18,965, this red ride has power behind the wheels and is itching to use them. If you plan to repair it to roadworthy condition, get that repair work done, along with the inspection and new title, and you’ll be ready to go!

2. 2014 Dodge Ram Truck

Another Dodge, ramming through! This 2014 Dodge Ram with rear-end damage will be sold through our Longview, TX location. With less than 69,000 miles on the odometer and valued at $26,318, this Ram looks like it might still have some good days ahead of it!

3. 2004 Ford F450

Be honest with yourselves: who’s ever wanted a crane before? Well, with the 2004 Ford F450, you can! Besides being a Diesel rear-wheel drive, this clean title Texas truck has a crane sitting in its truck bed, very helpful for some yard or auto work you may do in your spare time.

4. 2013 Dodge Ram Truck

State Farm Insurance vehicle, again! This flood-damaged 2013 Dodge Ram Truck has over 19,000 miles on its odometer, is valued at $24,892, and will be sold through our Houston, TX location.

5. 2016 Dodge Ram Truck

Straight outta Abilene, our last Dodge Ram is a 2016 model that has 4,518 miles on its odometer and is valued at $34,566. Fix up the front and rear end a bit and get an inspection and new title, and this Ram could be road-ready!

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