How To Build a Halloween Monster Truck

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It’s Halloween, and the monsters are coming out to play.

Well, monster trucks, that is.

Here at Copart, we like to get festive with the holidays. And with Halloween, specifically, we don’t know what can be more appropriate than a fully loaded monster truck. We realize that buying one can be pretty expensive, so instead, we’d like to introduce you to the process of making one!

Here’s how to make your very own monster truck:

1. Get the right materials

Obviously, if you’re going to tackle an automotive endeavor as large as a MONSTER TRUCK, you’ve got to make sure that you have the right materials. First, purchase the needed parts to build a monster truck, according to eHow:

  • Full-size truck body
  • Large wheels and tires
  • Power train parts
  • Suspension
  • Engine and transmission

2. Adjust the suspension

This is important so you don’t damage the bottom of your car. According to eHow, you need to adjust the steering axles in the front and rear suspension to the lowest gear ratio possible. The suspension needs to be raised from three to eight or more feet to avoid damage on the car. Don’t forget that most monster trucks are four-wheel-drives, which means you have to adjust both the front and rear suspension equally for consistency’s sake.

3. Install the tires

After getting the right suspension, you will need to get the right kind of tires for your new monster truck. Typically the bigger the tires you get, the safer and sturdier your ride will be. To see get a comprehensive pricing list, visit your nearest tire shop and consult with them on which type of tire you should get for your truck.

4. Upgrade the engine and transmission

Before you go any further, get a supercharger. This air-compression system has lower compression pistons, special camshafts and increased-capacity oil pans that give more horsepower to your engine. This extra oomph is going to be needed for your monster truck, especially when you consider the weight of the frame and tires of your vehicle.

5. Safety first

Safety is huge, especially on monster trucks. Install five-point racing harness in the place of regular seatbelts because those small things aren’t going to cut it in a collision. An emergency cutoff switch is also essential, since in the case of a rollover, you’ll want to kill the fuel supply immediately. Lastly, install either roll bars or a safety cage in the driver’s compartment. Remember, the truck is not the most important thing in the case of an accident: it’s you.

Don’t forget to wear your helmet!

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