The Need-To-Know-How on Project Cars

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We get it: projects can be intimidating, especially when it comes to cars. But when a project car all comes together, it can be so worth it.

Take YouTube personality Chris Steinbacher as one example. Chris runs the automotive channel B is for Build. He recently won the Grand Prize of Copart’s 3rd Annual Rebuild Challenge for taking a 2013 Subaru BRZ with a busted front bumper and turning it into a sleek new rebuild.

How to start your own project car

Getting started is half of the battle, but where do you start when it comes to rebuilding a vehicle? At Copart, we suggest this general guideline:

1. Determine your goals with a project car.

2. Do your research on restoring project cars.

3. Browse, inspect and buy a project car.

4. Create a plan for completing your project.

5. Roll up your sleeves and start working on your project car.

Need another reason to take on a project car?

Did you know that every year we host the Copart Rebuild Challenge to encourage our Members to rebuild their own project cars? This year’s cash prize winners included Oregon resident Chris Steinbacher, Texas resident Jose Rodriguez and Arizona resident Cristobal Castaneda. Rodriguez used his vehicle as a show truck and won numerous prizes from it, while Castaneda is going to give his project to his daughter when she turns 18 years old.

“I buy all of my cars exclusively from Copart,” said Steinbacher. “I think it really shows my YouTube fans that anybody can build a car of their dreams with a company like Copart and some know-how.”

Now it’s time to start your own project car!

Ready to tackle your own project car? You can begin by searching through any of the items below:

Whether you’re an experienced builder or are just getting started, Copart is here to help with the project car search. Just sign up for Copart Membership, and find that project car to get started on!

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