Top 5 Things to Know about International Shipping with Copart

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Let’s say you live outside of the United States and have been searching vehicles on the Copart website. You saw the vehicle you wanted, did the necessary research regarding transportation and shipping, placed your bid, and you just won the vehicle in auction. Now what?

Recently, our international Members have been asking many questions about Copart’s shipping services and how we get your vehicles from point A to point B.

To help reduce some of the confusion about international shipping, here are a few FAQs:

1. Why does it take so long to ship my vehicle?

Chances are, if you’re waiting for your vehicle, we are still processing it. We must first confirm that payment for the vehicle has been received in your Copart Member account, that the separate shipping invoice has been paid, and that we have all the necessary information from you for the transportation documents.

Next, the vehicle will be consolidated in a container with other vehicles at the port (unless RoRo is available) and go through the US Customs clearance process. After the vehicle clears Customs, it’s on its way to you!

The time for consolidation varies based on inland transportation times, and Customs clearance can sometimes be delayed by conditions at the port that are outside our control. Once the vehicle leaves port, shipping takes an average of two to three weeks. In some cases, it might take longer depending on the destination and the weather along the shipping route.

2. I buy vehicles at different Copart locations. Do I have to look for local transport?

Nope! If we ship, we will arrange to collect and consolidate all of your vehicles for shipment.

3. Can you write a lower value of the car on the invoice?

As required by US law, Copart reports the value of the vehicle for export purposes based on the auction sale price plus the cost of transportation to the port of loading.

4. I live in _____. Can you ship vehicles to my country?

More than likely we can, but to be sure, check our shipping locations here.

5. I didn’t see my country on your shipping page. Can you still ship?

Contact us directly at We can also help with declarations if you are taking your vehicle(s) into Canada. Please note: Copart only assists with export declarations in the United States. Members must hire a customs broker for import formalities in Canada.

Have other questions regarding shipping? Contact the Export team at

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