Customer Spotlight: John and Ferdinand, Chubby’s Garage

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Today we’re spotlighting John and Ferdinand Deberardinis, father and son team of Chubby’s Garage in Roseto, Pennsylvania.

How long they’ve been buying from Copart…

“We’ve been coming here for probably more than 30 years.”

What types of vehicles they’re looking for…

“We usually look for Chevy Cobalts and Chevy Equinoxes. We specialize in them.”

What they look for when purchasing vehicles…

“Well, we look and see what parts are good…if we’re going to fix it or if we’re going to use it for parts. That’s where we make our money. We have a good clientele. It works out well for us.”

What they like best about Copart…

“The service and the people. They never give me a hard time. They are always willing to work with us. And they’re just a great company.”

Watch the video of John and Ferdinand here:

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