Customer Spotlight: Pete Kell, Kell Motors

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Today we’re spotlighting Pete Kell, owner of Kell Motors in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania.

How Copart is helpful…

“Copart is a salvage auction that runs cars through that people have accidents with or donate to charity. It’s a good resource for me.”

What kind of vehicles he buys…

“Lately, I’ve been buying some donations, but mostly lightly hit cars eight to 10 years old.”

What he looks for in purchases…

“When I come into the yard, I first look at condition as far as panel fit and how well it was taken care of. I also look at rust because that’s very important in the Northeast.”

What he enjoys most about Copart…

“It’s a well-run auction. I do enjoy coming out and looking at the cars, that’s always been something good for me. In almost all cases, the staff has been very good.”

Advice for new Copart Members…

“If you’re a public buyer and you’re just looking for one car, have an inspector look at it.”

Watch the video of Pete here:

Thank you Pete for being a loyal Copart member!

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