3 Smart Cars to Add to Your Watchlist Today

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When you hear the words “smart cars,” maybe you think about futuristic cars or “connected cars,” the ever-increasing innovations in automotive technology.

Don’t forget, though, that there’s an entire brand of smart cars: smart USA. These are the mini electric coupes that come in varied and often bright colors. Copart just so happens to have several clean and salvage title smart cars in inventory right now, and if you’ve registered for free Membership at Copart, you have access to search, bid and buy!


2012 Smart Fortwo

Take this 2012 Smart Fortwo, for instance. It’s Lot #41243066 at Copart’s North Boston, Massachusetts location. It comes with a salvage title but is Run and Drive Verified with front end damage and minor dents and scratches.

It’s a pure sale vehicle, which means there’s no seller reserve or minimum bid to be met. With less than 65,000 miles, too, it’s one to add to your Watchlist.

2010 Smart Fortwo


Boston must be the place for these Smart Fortwos, because here’s another one at that Copart location. This is a 2010 Smart Fortwo, and like the 2012 mentioned above, it is salvage titled with front end damage and minor dents and scratches. It’s also a pure sale vehicle.

This one is listed as an Enhanced Vehicle, but there’s no reference to Run and Drive Verification, so if that’s what you’re looking for in a vehicle, be sure to contact an inspector or make it out to the location yourself to better understand its capabilities.

2009 Smart Fortwo

If you’re in the southern region of the U.S., and Louisiana in particular, this 2009 Smart Fortwo may pique your interest. It has just over 75,000 miles and is an “Engine Start Program” unit.

This one has both rear end and front end damage, but if you’re in the repair business or know someone who can get it up and running for your personal or business use, it’s worth that bid! Keep in mind that it has a sales status of “Minimum Bid,” so you must meet that minimum if you want to take home this smart car.

Check out the dozens of other Smart Fortwos Copart is selling. It pays to be smart!

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