Stay Hip! Check Out the New Features on the CrashedToys Mobile App

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If you are a CrashedToys Member and you haven’t downloaded the CrashedToys Mobile App, you are missing out on exciting new updates!

Download the CrashedToys Mobile App and enjoy these new features:

  • Upload licenses directly to your account using the CrashedToys License Uploader in the app
  • Use the Lot Scan feature to scan bar codes on the inventory you’re interested in, and get the lot details at the location in the palm of your hand.
  • Change the language with the updated multi-language options in the app settings
  • Access updated search filters by using the Smart Search tool
  • View vehicle videos and extended notes

Available for iPhone and Android, the CrashedToys Mobile App brings together the One Percenters, Weekend Warriors, RV Junkies and Exotics Aficionados — everyone who’s into fun and fast rides on the road or water.

Don’t miss out on the fun or the new features! Download the CrashedToys Mobile App today for the best and fastest way to bid on motorcycles, exotics, RVs, boats and more.


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