Vehicle Spotlight: BMW 30 M3 Jahre

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bmw-m3-30-years-m3-1-750x500For our history buffs, in 1986, Germany was still split between East and West, and Ronald Reagan was the President of the United States. But for our lovers of high-performance vehicles, this was the year BMW’s M3 series skidded out onto the roads of Europe. A few years later, North American drivers would find these at their dealerships, and once they did, few looked back.

Over time the M3 has transformed through several designs and models, evolving from an angular, box-style car to the more aerodynamic model we know today.

To celebrate 30 years of excellence, BMW has released 500 of the 30-year anniversary edition 30 M3 Jahre, complete with power upgrades and design touches that truly set this luxury vehicle apart from the competition. It is the very essence of BMW’s efforts to create “the ultimate driving machine.”

So what’s all the hubbub?

The Competition Package

First off, the 30 Jahre M3 comes standard with BMW’s Competition Package, a serious upgrade introduced a few years ago for the M3 and M4 coupes. With 444 horsepower, the car goes from 0 to 60 in 4.0 seconds with a manual transmission, and in just 3.8 seconds with a dual-clutch automatic.

cjexpzmweaa1gtgTo make such a car perform, you need the right set of wheels spinning under the base. Forged 666M wheel bases, with 265/30ZR-20 tires up front and the slightly wider, though smaller diameter, 285/30ZR-20 tires in the rear do just this. Combining these two pairs of performance tires on the exceptional wheelbase provides enhanced stability and precision cornering.

Getting on the interstate has never been more fun.

The Devilish Details

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of a legendary car, BMW pulled out all the stops. In addition to being geared up with the Competition Package, this car is as equipped and loaded as an M3 can come.

The folks at BMW went ahead and included three other packages with this model. For safety, there’s the Driver Assistance Plus Package, which includes features like additional cameras, active blind-spot detection and active driving assistance. And because driving a BMW should make you feel like royalty, there’s the Executive Package with a heated steering wheel, rear-view camera, a heads-up display, wireless device chargers, heated rear seats and parking sensors. Finally, because this is a car that’s meant to be seen, full LED headlights and auto high beams come as part of the Lighting Package.

bmw-m3-30-years-m3-5-750x528Along with the luxury gadgets and features, this M3 is stylish both inside and out. The interior comes in full merino leather in bi-color black and fjord blue with color-matching contrast seams. On the outside, you’ll notice a meticulously crafted sports exhaust system with black chrome tailpipes that accentuate its sporty and elegant nature. Finally, there’s the Macao Blue throwback paint, which is the same color of the original M3 from its 1985 European premiere.

Now What?

So, how do you get one? Well, BMW manufactured 500, 150 of which made their way across the ocean to select U.S. dealers in August 2016. And as you may have guessed, driving one of these machines won’t be cheap.

The 30 Jahre M3 Limited Edition with a manual transmission goes for $83,250, and if you want one with dual-clutch transmission, it will be $86,150. You might be cringing at the cost, but once you get behind the wheel of one of these machines, it will seem like a bargain.

If you still aren’t sold on this Special Edition BMW, you don’t have to spend $80,000+ in order to drive in luxury. Head on over to where there are thousands of BMW’s available for auction. Will one of them be yours?

a74d4f77-7c10-4f84-8c9f-be67e01ea92cCheck out this 2014 BMW M6 at

Lot Details:

  • Document Type: CA – Salvage Certificate
  • Odometer: 31,586 Miles
  • Primary Damage: Undercarriage
  • Estimated Retail Value: $63,558
  • Engine Type: 4.4L V8
  • Run and Drive
  • Keys

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