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4Personal gratification from building or rebuilding a car or a bike is almost guaranteed. After browsing online car auctions, searching for hard-to-find parts, sweating through long hours in the garage, and working the rust off of your hot rod’s authentic grill, looking at the final product of your labor will generate an indescribable feeling of accomplishment.

And while everyone likes to hear those admiring honks and cheers as they drive through the neighborhood, if you really want to show off your car and see how it measures up against other hot whips, you need to take it to an auto show.

Find the Right Show for Your Car

There are many types of auto shows. Some are fun, laid-back local events, and others are serious competitions. In order to decide which is best for presenting your car, truck or bike, spend some time sorting through the choices. After all, you don’t want to bring your restored ‘57 Chevy to a custom car and hot rod show.

It’s great to have the competitive bug, but if you do, remember to be realistic. Some large, popular shows receive thousands of applications and end up turning down some truly spectacular vehicles. Nonetheless, if you’re confident you can get into one of these big shows, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply.

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Pre-Show Maintenance

At car shows people often tend to focus on how their vehicle looks and neglect the fine details of how it runs and starts. So, before you load your vehicle on the trailer and haul it to the show, make sure it’s in top shape by going over the following details:

  • Change the oil and replace the filter.
  • Make sure your hoses and lines are in good shape by inspecting and flushing each one before replacing all the fluids.
  • Install new wiper blades.
  • Make sure tires are evenly inflated.
  • Make the engine run smoother with new spark plugs.

Clean, Polish and Shine

This is the part that you’ll probably obsess over the most, and for good reason. Come to the show with a trunk full of cleaning supplies, towels and tooth brushes. Trust us, you won’t be alone!

To make sure your vehicle is looking its best, give it a wash and full polish to take those micro-scratches and imperfections out of the paint.

This next step is often overlooked, but you can really make the paint pop by applying a finishing glaze after polishing. This will truly work wonders on the luster of your vehicle. Finally, to really make your car or bike stand out, top everything off with a high-shine carnauba wax.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to polish the chrome, but in the process of doing this, don’t forget about your interior. Make sure you have some good leather cleaner and vinyl conditioner to restore life to the inside of your car.

Along with a full arsenal of cleaning supplies, you’ll want to have a touch-up kit as well. You never know what will leave a scratch or a nick, and with a little paint you can make those eyesores disappear.

What to Wear

No, you’re not going to a fashion show, but sometimes the right outfit can really complement the spirit of your automobile. If you don’t know where to begin, seek out opinions from friends, store owners or online forums.

You might just find a new favorite driving outfit and beat out your competition in the process! Start your rebuild project with, where we have more than 125,000 vehicles up for auction every day!

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