Three of the Best Compact Sports Cars to Customize

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shutterstock_229414474So, you’ve bought yourself a sweet new ride. One of the first things you might consider is customizing your car to make it one of a kind, but where do you start? There are thousands of ways to make your new car your own. From a new set of wheels, a new exhaust system or a new suspension, to making purely aesthetic updates with parts like splitters and spoilers, the possibilities are endless.

Three of the best compact sports cars to buy and customize are the Honda Civic, Volkswagen GTI and the Ford Fiesta.

Honda Civic Si

Since its introduction to the U.S. market in 1972, the Honda Civic has been a staple in the car community. Now on its tenth generation, the Honda Civic Si is known for its simple front wheel drive system and lightweight body.

But let’s talk customization. Owners can choose to upgrade their air intake system like with this K&N Air Filter or swap out the old suspension components for new ones like these H&R Lowering Springs. Lastly, adding a spoiler like this Honda Civic Spoiler to the back of your car is a great way to make your car look sportier. Regardless of what modifications you make, it is bound to be a one cool ride!

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Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf has been a favorite among car enthusiasts since its introduction as a replacement for the famous Volkswagen Beetle. Today, the GTI variant is the sportiest version of the Golf hatchback. Many owners love to put on a new set of wheels like these Volkswagen GTI Wheels. Like the Honda Civic, many owners like to modify the suspension with a kit like this Eibach Sport Plus Suspension Kit. Exhaust upgrades are also a very popular modification GTI owners make to their cars. While there are many options out there, some of the most popular systems include this Borla Exhaust System or this COBB Tuning System. With this many options available from which GTI owners can choose, you will certainly have a unique whip.

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Ford Fiesta ST

While originally built to compete with subcompacts like the Fiat 127 and Renault 5, the Ford Fiesta quickly became a hit with younger buyers looking for a less expensive, fun to drive car. In today’s market the Fiesta can be had in a variety of different trim levels. From the base model to the manual transmission ST version, there is a Fiesta for everyone. Many Fiesta ST owners choose to put a new MBRP Exhaust System on their cars. Other owners like to complete the new, more aggressive exhaust sound with a Fiesta ST Front Lip Extension or a Fiesta ST Rear Spoiler Extension. Regardless of how you customize your Fiesta ST, you will have one sporty ride.

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