Time-Saving Tip for Using Copart.com Globally

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Are you a Copart buyer who purchases vehicles from two or more of the countries where Copart currently operates? If so, be sure you’re using a time-saving navigation feature in the Copart.com website header to quickly and easily switch back and forth between the various Copart websites.

Website Feature Flags

  1. Visit Copart.com and look for the U.S. flag in the top right corner of the website header.
  2. Click on the flag. A dropdown of countries (and their respective flags) will appear.
  3. Select any of those countries, and a new browser window or tab will open, loading the Copart website that you selected.

You can also navigate to another Copart website by clicking any of the flags in the Copart.com website footer:

Website Footer Flags

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