Technology and Efficiency Boost an Eco-Friendly Industry: Get Ready for the Auto Recycling Renaissance

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Auto Recyclers TechnologyThere comes a time in every industry when disruptive factors come together to propel the trade far beyond what it had ever been before. As auto manufacturers adapt to electric cars, self-driving vehicles, ride-share options and changes in the fundamental way people look at personal transportation, there is another industry that is being transformed by new technology and ideas. Welcome to the auto recycling renaissance.

Increasing Efficiencies through Technology

Automotive recycling has been going on for decades, and today’s professional auto recyclers are highly skilled and tech-savvy. They capitalize on software programs that allow them to inventory, sell, track and ship high-quality recycled auto parts more efficiently than ever before. By saving money and time, these recyclers are growing the inventories of recycled auto parts just as the environmental benefits of these parts become popular with consumers in the mainstream repair industry.

Gone are the days when it was necessary to drive to the local auto auction and spend half a day acquiring vehicles. Today’s auto recyclers buy cars, trucks and SUVs online in a flash and then get back to the other important tasks of their business. Parts inventories are computerized, meaning recyclers can buy what they need to maximize the orders they can fill. Parts are tested, cleaned and tagged, which allows them to be tracked throughout the sales process. In turn, these growing recycled parts inventories present an attractive option to customers who want more choices for auto repairs with less impact on the environment and their wallets.

Millennials Enter the Auto Recycling Market

Adding another layer of interest and acceleration to the auto recycling renaissance is the Millennial generation of vehicle owners and automotive recycling professionals. With their eye toward efficiency, Millennials are finding new ways to enhance the traditional methods of auto repair and auto recycling. Add to that their preference for environmentally-friendly solutions, and it becomes clear that recycling cars is second nature to them. Professional auto recycling businesses are recognizing the opportunity that exists within this generation and are providing the support and mentoring they need to thrive in a decades-old industry that is just getting started.

Let the auto recycling renaissance begin.

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