“How Much?” and Other Frequently Asked Questions about Auctions

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Do you have questions about Copart but can’t seem to find the answers? If you’re thinking about becoming a Copart Member or you have already registered, then you’ve come to the right place for more information. We’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions about Copart in the list below.

Do you have a representative in my country?

International buyers can use one of Copart’s approved brokers to purchase vehicles. Additionally, if a buyer does not have a business license, they can bid on thousands of vehicles that are No License Required.

Will you please call me? I have a business inquiry.

If you have a question about the process of purchasing vehicles with Copart, feel free to send us a private message on our Facebook page. You can also contact Copart’s Member Services team at Member.Services@Copart.com for further assistance.

What is the price?

The vehicles that are listed for sale on Copart.com are sold through live online auctions. The price depends on the high bid. If you are curious to know the amount of the current bid, visit the Lot Details page of the vehicle. Some vehicles for sale on Copart are Buy it Now. Buyers can skip the auction for these vehicles by paying the fixed price.

Can I buy a car if I have no money? Do you accept barter/trade?

Copart does not currently accept barter or trade. Payment Options are listed on our website.

What do I do if I accidentally won an auction and can’t pay?

Per Copart’s Terms and Conditions, all bids are final. However, if you are unable to pay for the vehicle, and it needs to be relisted, there is a relist fee that varies by Copart location and auction. Please contact the Copart location from which you purchased the vehicle to inquire about relisting the vehicle.

I just registered and it’s not letting me bid. What do I need to do?

It can sometimes take multiple business days for your account information and documents to be processed and verified before you can bid.

For more information visit our FAQ page. If you still have additional questions, you can contact Member Services Monday through Friday, anytime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (CST). We hope this helps make your user experience with Copart easier and more convenient.

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