Top Five Most Impressive Car Related Guinness World Records

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110117_Guinness_WRD-BlogGuinness World Record Day, observed on the third Sunday of November, is dedicated to breaking new and celebrating old records from the amazing to the bizarre. The Guinness World Records was founded in 1954 by Sir Hugh Beaver, then-managing director of Guinness Breweries, after he had a debate on a hunting trip with a friend over what bird was the fastest game bird in Europe. Discovering that he couldn’t find the answer in any of the current reference books, he set out to publish the first edition of The Guinness Book of Records.

Over 60 years later, the Guinness World Records now has over 40,000 records in its database, with over 15,000 published on online and 4,000 printed annually in the popular book. With so many records out there, we at Copart got curious. What kind of records are there relating to cars? A Record Application Search for “vehicle” returned 1,541 results. After sifting through some of the most popular articles, we found there’s truly a record for almost everything, from the Fastest Edible Vehicle to the Smallest Motorcycle.

While all these records are amazing, only the truly incredible made our list of the Top Five Most Impressive Car Related Guinness World Records. In honor of Guinness World Record Day, here are the five records we either wish we could break or can’t even imagine trying.

Tightest Car Parallel Parking


Who wouldn’t want this skill? We’ve all been there; you’re in the city driving in circles looking for somewhere to park when you spot that one parallel parking spot right next to your destination. Unfortunately for you, the spot is the size of a Toyota Prius and you’re driving a Chevrolet Suburban. Even if the spot were a somewhat realistic size for your car, who in the world is actually good at parallel parking?

Alstair Moffatt from the UK, that’s who. On January 8, 2015, Moffatt recaptured his record for the Tightest Car Parallel Parking from Chinese wheelman Han Yue. Moffatt slipped his Fiat 500 into a parking spot that was just 7.5cm longer than the car. Can you imagine, not only parking in any parallel spot you wanted, but also doing it all in one motion? Talk about efficiency. This record definitely falls into our “wish we could break” category.

Most People Crammed in a Smart Car

We’ve all heard of it before. Possibly the most classic clown gag ever — the tiny car the seems to have a never-ending supply of occupants. Hilarious, right? Adding to the hilarity, of course, is that most of us have irresponsibly tried squeezing into a five-seat sedan with eight of our friends at one point or another. The result is always uncomfortable, to say the least.

Introducing the real-life clown car, only without the clowns. Replacing them in this incredibly impressive Guinness World Record are 20 cheerleaders crammed into a Smart Car. That’s right, 20 members of the Comets Cheerleader team (all at least five feet tall) stuffed themselves into a standard two-seater Daimler Benz Smart Car, tying the equally impressive record set by the Glendale Cheerleading Team in 2011. This one falls into our “can’t imagine trying” category, but way to go ladies!

Farthest Barrel Roll in a Car

If you’ve watched any action movies with guns and car chases, then chances are you’ve seen this iconic stunt. It really is something only seen on the big screens. We’ve all day-dreamed about ramping off the back of a trailer over a barricade like Batman while stuck in rush hour traffic, but doing a barrel roll in the process? That’s just preposterous.

Unless you’re stunt driver Terry Grant, that is. To promote their newest E-PACE vehicle, Jaguar decided to break the record for Farthest Barrel Roll in a Car. Grant drove the car off a ramp, rolling it almost 365 degrees and traveling 15.3 meters through the air, all while enduring a G-Force of 5.5. The company already had success with Grant in the past, breaking the record for Largest Loop the Loop in a Car in 2015. Safe to say this is a record we wish we could break, but realistically it falls into our “can’t imagine trying” category.

Heaviest Vehicle Pulled by Beard


If you have a beard, or even just some scruff, or any sort of hair at all, this one is probably going to make you cringe. The most bizarre record on our list, Heaviest Vehicle Pulled by Beard was attempted on June 21, 2012 by Kapli Gehlot of India. Gehlot, who was promoting roller sports in India, pulled a vehicle weighing 4,861 lbs over 40 meters using solely his beard. This one certainly falls into our “can’t imagine trying” category, and we don’t see it being broken anytime soon.


Highest Vehicle Mileage

What if your car could last forever? Imagine never having to buy a new car, or for that matter, never wanting to. According to Auto Trader, the average age of a vehicle is 11.4 years, and the average person keeps their car for just 6 years. People get new cars for all sorts of different reasons, whether it’s mechanical issues, an accident, or simply time for a change. No matter the reason, most cars don’t last forever.

Irvin Gordon of the United States might argue that statement. The record holder for Highest Vehicle Mileage, Gordon racked up 3,039,122 miles on his 1966 Volvo 1800S – the equivalent to traveling completely around Earth almost 120 times. Gordon bought the car when he was 25 years old in 1966 for $4,150.

1280px-Volvo_highest_mileageIt’s safe to say he got the most out of that investment. This one falls into our “wish we could break” category, but we probably never will.

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